21 September 2010

Felt Flowers

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One of my favorites materials to work with is felt. I have made felt flowers to use as decorations on various things and decided to put them into pdf form and share them in my Etsy shop. I finished 2 so far, with a couple more in the works.

Here I have a poinsettia type flower.

The poinsettia tutorial includes this daffodil flower.

I also just finished my Felt Sunflower.

Thanks for looking.

06 September 2010

The Start of a Tradition

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My Mother requested a special ornament for Christmas this year. She asked for something classic with crimson and gold, something with poinsettias. And, she told me, if I did a good enough job on it she would get some orders from her friends, lol.
Well that got me thinking. I have seen the beautiful ornaments made by Darlene in my previous post. And what an inspiration those are. So, I attempted to make one of those, but it did not turn out too well, but it got me thinking. Then it hit me to try to cover my ornament ball with felt, which I love working with.
It turned out to be an interesting project for sure. I hadn't covered a ball, or made a ball shape thing before so it was with much trial and error, until I finally got my felt to fit right.
I used a beautiful ivory colored felt and embroidered the year for the front panel and added little twinkly stars about the rest of the ball. I also cut flower petals from crimson felt and embroidered gold veins in each petal. I made a large poinsettia for the top, 2 small ones in front and a medium size one on the back. There is metallic gold ribbon topped with a gold and pearl twist trim. There are also pale leaves trimmed in gold glitter on top and more shiny gold ribbon, both as a little filler and as the hanger.
I enjoyed making this Christmas ornament and I think it turned out pretty good. Mom loved it and requested that I make her one every year now! Maybe I will even get some custom orders, who knows!

02 September 2010

Prairie Creations Ornaments

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I would like to show off the beautiful work of one of my Etsy shop customers, Darlene, from Prairie Creations Ornaments.
She makes these fabulous unique quilted ball ornaments. She makes them for all seasons and holidays and welcomes custom orders for special occasions.
Darlene purchased my Single or Double Layer Flower Tutorial  and my Scrappy Loopy Flower Tutorial and used them in such  creative ways.
Here she added the Single or Double Layer Flower to accent the top of this fun Pumpkin Quilted Fall Quilt Ball Ornament. I think it is just perfect. I love the colors, I could see myself having a few of these.

Look how she used the Scrappy Loopy Flower. It's very nice on this Christmas Heart Scrappy Bow Quilted Bow.

Here is another example of her beautiful ornaments for Christmas, this gorgeous Frosty Snowflake Quilted Christmas Quilt Ball Ornament. I know you love it! You will want to decorate your tree with several I'm sure. Or display them on a stand!

Here is an example of a unique commemoration of a special occasion, a Custom Made Quilt Ball Ornament with Stand for 50th Golden or 25th Silver Anniversary.

Please visit Darlene's shop and see all her beautiful ornaments or drop her a line and make a custom order. You'll be happy you did.

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